On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Michael Scherer wrote:

> A fork is not even possible. Only a fool could even dream to do a work as good
> as done by Chmouel, Warly and all the Mandrake developers without 200 top
> developers.

Totally agree. We would probably need 250+ good, experienced, part-timers
to do just what Mandrakesoft'ers do.

> This thread is about is the creation of a community to help Mandrake.
> Such a community already exist, but, it should be easier to help.
> People want to help Mandrake, but they are not organized.
> We don't have guidelines for rpm,

We do, it's just not updated. Maintenance of some of the resources for
packagers could be passed over to the community, since it mostly light
work, and would relieve some developers of some effort.

> no information is given on how to become
> mainteners.

The information is correct (mail lenny, mail lenny, mail lenny ;-)). The
problem is there is no real procedure that is reliable.

> Of course, there is some IRC channels ( not docuemented on website ), and this
> mailling list, but, I think that some thing, such as RPM related question are
> out of topic here.

non-basic rpm questions are not off-topic here, since they often impact on
how something is pacakged ...

> Austin and others have done a wonderful work, once they organized by
> themselves, with the survey of the Linux Audio Users Groug.

You miss of course some of the work Austin and others do on the Mandrake
Club (on the club-volunteers list).

> And I think that Austin would like to have some infrastructure to help people
> to work like this. Some way to easyly set up some work groups.
> So, as posted before, what about a groupware system.
> Something with first a TODO list, where people can agree to work on some
> tasks, such as , to give a recent example, check the licence of differents
> packages. With a system to be able to see the state of the task, who works,
> what they do etc etc.

I think it may also be feasible to break some of this down into
sub-projects. Kernel/hardware, networking (devices, firewalls etc),
servers, end-user general, kde, gnome, other desktops, authentication,
laptops etc.

For the most part, I am really only interested in 3 of those (servers,
kde, authentication). Some of my other interests (grass etc) can't really
be restricted to a sub-project, since "sciences" is far too wide, as I
wouldn't really be interested in much of Austin's chemistry stuff.

> Somebody said that one mailling list is not good, but, I don't know if we need
> more maillings lists

I think there should be a few more ...

> I think we should at least have a mailling list to discuss about packaging.
> The pb, the best practices, and so on.

maintainers may be the best for this, but it's not advertised, and it's
currently pretty low traffic ...

> I am sure that other ML could be set up, but I do not have any idea.
> Maybe one for each topic ( ie kernel, one for workstation uses, one for
> server, etc ).
> What do you think about ?

I would think this is a good idea. Austin noted somewhere else that
web-based solutions are not as efficient (though they are more visible) as

Note that some of this kind of work (ok, so maybe what happens with samba
is a bit different to other packages, but Sly and I make our own mailing
list ;-)) already happens, but we must make it more efficient, so people
can easily know who to contact (besides doing 'rpmmon package' in the
browser of your choice. or using the changelog to find the other
intrested parties).


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