On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 06:27, Stefan van der Eijk wrote:
> >warly if the official speaker of this thread, blame him ;-).
> >
> Where is mdk management? Are they reading this? What do they think about 
> it? Are they allowed to comment (don't know about french laws). And more 
> important, how do they think they are going to restart mdk?
> If mdk doesn't find a workable business model then this discussion is 
> useless, or it'll result in a fork.

Although Warly inspired this thread, I think some of my words came out
wrong and some people took things the wrong way.  For that I'm very
sorry, but this is getting ridiculous.

I never proposed any kind of fork.  In fact I was suggesting one of two
ways to ATTRACT people to the development process.
1.  Mandrake makes some sort of organized, warm, inviting community for
developers to join, work together, get more done, and feel appreciated. 
This involves a few physical changes: more resources, better attitudes,
more communication.  Since this worked for Debian I (Warly too?) thought
that would be a good place to steal ideas from.
2.  We form our own 'task force'.  This would involve some sort of
groupware system to know who's here and what we're working on, also
allowing others to easily join and contribute.  We would have to just
hope Mandrake accepts this, and tries to help as much as possible.

Either way has the same effect.  Number one's just more official and
less work for us.  :-)

However, I NEVER proposed anyone leaving, branching, forking, joining
another distro, amalgamating with another distro, or fighting amongst
ourselves.  In fact those are all contrary to my intent, which is to
help the distro and make our lives easier and more organized.


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