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>> I went ahead and implemented this suggestion. Now we block async exceptions 
>> in on_entry, and unblock in on_exit.
> Is it possible for these upcalls to be nested? If yes, we could add a boolean 
> to context to avoid unsetting the flag in those nested cases. And now that I 
> think we should probably add that check in NoAsyncExceptionDeliveryMark too 
> if we allow broader use of this flag. David added the 
> NoAsyncExceptionDeliveryMark code with that assert about nesting so maybe he 
> might have more insights about that.

NoAsyncExceptionDeliveryMark is not for general use! There is no provision for 
blocking async exceptions when running user-defined Java code. 
NoAsyncExceptionDeliveryMark was purely for protecting "system Java code".


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/7959

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