> - Added support for signing predefined application image.
>  - Following command can be used to sign predefined application images: 
> jpackage --type app-image --app-image Test.app --mac-sign [additional signing 
> options]
>  - Main class and if --mac-app-store was specified will be saved in 
> .jpackage.xml. Both values are required for signing. Main class is to 
> generate default identity and --mac-app-store to do correct signing for App 
> Store.
>  - Signing is done exactly same as when generating app bundle. Unsigned, 
> signed or partially signed app images are supported. App image will be 
> completely unsigned before signing.

Alexander Matveev has updated the pull request incrementally with one 
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  8286850: [macos] Add support for signing user provided app image [v2]


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