I had an existing local GitHub repo for the jdk I updated that appeared to 
accept the parameters you indicated. It generated a jdk 19. 

If you are saying I’m not getting the main branch or the update for some reason 
has dependencies I’m not getting I would have to determine how to correctly get 
these, or, I guess wait for a release that has all the necessary. Determining 
if this worked as expected before a release seemed like it would be a good idea.

Yes, the point of my original suggestion was to allow generating the 
application unsigned, then do post-processing - like modify the default 
Info.plist, and finally separately sign.

I thought your change provided the means to do this by first generating an 
unsigned image using —type app-image, then on a separate invocation indicate 
the app-image and sign and package it. 

> ./build/*/images/jdk/bin/jpackage --type app-image --app-image

If I follow you now it isn’t a two step but a three step process.

1) Generate unsigned application and do post-processing.

2) Sign modified app-image

3) DMG or PKG the modified and signed app-image

Is this correct?


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