> ./build/*/images/jdk/bin/jpackage --app-image 
> ~/HalfPipe/halfpipe_jpkg/outputdir/HalfPipe.app --mac-sign 
> --mac-signing-key-user-name "Developer ID Application: Michael Hall 
> (5X6BXQB3Q7)"
> Bundler Mac DMG Package skipped because of a configuration problem: When 
> using an external app image you must specify the app name. 
> Advice to fix: Set the app name via the -name CLI flag, the 
> fx:application/@name ANT attribute, or via the 'appName' bundler argument.
> ./build/*/images/jdk/bin/jpackage --app-image 
> ~/HalfPipe/halfpipe_jpkg/outputdir/HalfPipe.app --mac-sign 
> --mac-signing-key-user-name "Developer ID Application: Michael Hall 
> (5X6BXQB3Q7)" --name HalfPipe
> Warning: Using unsigned app-image to build signed dmg.
> *** The app-image was actually a signed one. I’m not sure that matters. Also 
> since this would normally be my intention should there be a warning? ***
> codesign -v --verbose=4 ~/HalfPipe/halfpipe_jpkg/outputdir/HalfPipe.app
> /Users/mjh/HalfPipe/halfpipe_jpkg/outputdir/HalfPipe.app: valid on disk
> /Users/mjh/HalfPipe/halfpipe_jpkg/outputdir/HalfPipe.app: satisfies its 
> Designated Requirement
> *** Seems successful ***
> Thanks again.

Possibly my mistake somehow but codesign seems to flag something if the 
application is actually unsigned.

        --verbose \
    --add-modules java.desktop,java.prefs,java.se \
    --type app-image \
        --input ./input \
        --app-version 1.0  \
        --name BlackJack\ Blastoff_Unsigned \
        --main-jar bjb.jar \
        --main-class org.bjb.BlackJackApp \
        --java-options '-Xmx1024m -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50  
-Dapple.awt.application.name=Blackjack\ Blastoff’ 

[19:41:02.231] Creating app package: BlackJack Blastoff_Unsigned.app in 
[19:41:05.516] Command [PID: -1]:
    jlink --output /Users/mjh/Blackjack_Blastoff/bjb/bjb_jpkg/BlackJack 
Blastoff_Unsigned.app/Contents/runtime/Contents/Home --module-path 
/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-18.jdk/Contents/Home/jmods --add-modules 
java.desktop,java.prefs,java.se --strip-native-commands --strip-debug 
--no-man-pages --no-header-files
[19:41:05.517] Output:
[19:41:05.518] Returned: 0

[19:41:05.545] Using default package resource JavaApp.icns [icon] (add 
BlackJack Blastoff_Unsigned.icns to the resource-dir to customize).
[19:41:05.547] Preparing Info.plist: 
[19:41:05.547] Using default package resource Info-lite.plist.template 
[Application Info.plist] (add Info.plist to the resource-dir to customize).
[19:41:05.550] Using default package resource Runtime-Info.plist.template [Java 
Runtime Info.plist] (add Runtime-Info.plist to the resource-dir to customize).
[19:41:05.551] Succeeded in building Mac Application Image package

./build/*/images/jdk/bin/jpackage --app-image 
~/Blackjack_Blastoff/bjb/bjb_jpkg/BlackJack\ Blastoff_Unsigned.app --mac-sign 
--mac-signing-key-user-name "Developer ID Application: Michael Hall 
(5X6BXQB3Q7)" --name BlackJack_Blastoff_Unsigned
Warning: Using unsigned app-image to build signed dmg.

 open BlackJack_Blastoff_Unsigned-1.0.dmg           
codesign -v --verbose=4 /Volumes/BlackJack_Blastoff_Unsigned/BlackJack\ 
/Volumes/BlackJack_Blastoff_Unsigned/BlackJack Blastoff_Unsigned.app: code has 
no resources but signature indicates they must be present

I am using the installed jdk18 to create the app-image. Would that need to be 
done with the same jdk with the changes applied? 

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