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However, I believe I found the issue with the list software vs. some newer
policies by the spam checkers down the line which caused a huge number of
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If you have not already responded, please give this your consideration.

Thanks, Jim
PROBLEM -  as you know using any search engine to locate individual names
on any website leaves a lot to be desired. As an example typing "james
mckane" into any search engine will find instances of James McKane with the
two words beside each other and in that order only.  If you only type james
mckane (without the quotes) you then get every page with the two words
anywhere on those pages......... meaning you might find Thomas McKane and
James Smith in your results but not James McKane.

INVESTIGATION - I have invested a lot of time lately including investing in
considerable with a professional programmer  in an attempt to find an
automated solution to the problem which has resulted in......... there is
NO easy way!  Why?  Well the major reason is CTI has far too many types of
records in far too many formats to automate the process.

SOLUTION - The ONLY solution is plain brute force............ meaning
manually creating spreadsheet lists of surnames and firstnames for each
page on CTI. I would then massage those lists into a fully searchable
database similar to the one recently created for the Tithe Applotment Books.


   - Do you feel this is a worthwhile project?
   - If so, would you be willing to type some lists for us?
   - If so, please give us an idea of how many hour/days/weeks you might
   expect to dedicate to our project.

If you wish to keep your responses private, please email me directly

Thanks for your consideration,
Jim McKane, webmaster
Jim McKane
South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
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