Hi Jim,
Thanks for all the time and energy that you and others put into this list.
I think the project is a great idea.  I would love to be able to contribute by 
typing some lists - my availability varies depending on whether I am in town or 
not.  I would be willing to help out whenever I am able to do so.
Barb Coulter
Reno, NV

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> Hi CTI Supporters -  
> If you've already received this message, my apologies for yet another attempt 
> at this message.
> However, I believe I found the issue with the list software vs. some newer 
> policies by the spam checkers down the line which caused a huge number of 
> List Members' email to be bounced back and their memberships disabled.
> If you have not already responded, please give this your consideration.
> Thanks, Jim
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> PROBLEM -  as you know using any search engine to locate individual names
> on any website leaves a lot to be desired. As an example typing "james
> mckane" into any search engine will find instances of James McKane with the
> two words beside each other and in that order only.  If you only type james
> mckane (without the quotes) you then get every page with the two words
> anywhere on those pages......... meaning you might find Thomas McKane and
> James Smith in your results but not James McKane.
> INVESTIGATION - I have invested a lot of time lately including investing in
> considerable with a professional programmer  in an attempt to find an
> automated solution to the problem which has resulted in......... there is
> NO easy way!  Why?  Well the major reason is CTI has far too many types of
> records in far too many formats to automate the process.
> SOLUTION - The ONLY solution is plain brute force............ meaning
> manually creating spreadsheet lists of surnames and firstnames for each
> page on CTI. I would then massage those lists into a fully searchable
> database similar to the one recently created for the Tithe Applotment Books.
>    - Do you feel this is a worthwhile project?
>    - If so, would you be willing to type some lists for us?
>    - If so, please give us an idea of how many hour/days/weeks you might
>    expect to dedicate to our project.
> If you wish to keep your responses private, please email me directly
> off-list.
> Thanks for your consideration,
> Jim McKane, webmaster
> Jim McKane
> South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
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