I am having a very odd problem which I'm hoping someone here can shed 
light on.

I installed Courier on Arch Linux  via the aur package. Everything works 
fine for the most part. Courier can successfully authenticate against an 
SQL database, it can access mailboxes to check mail, etc. One problem, 
and it's a big one. When courier receives a message, it doesn't queue it 
and deliver it to a mailbox. There's no entry in the logs or anything; 
the message just disappears. I also tried sending mail to a remote 
location manually by telnetting to the smtp server after temporarily 
authorizing localhost to relay. The same thing happens. smtp server 
indicates success, but the message is silently dropped. Finally, I've 
tried using /usr/bin/sendmail to send a local message. That too doesn't 
work. Can anyone shed light on this? I have *never* seen this in over 10 
years of using Courier MTA.

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