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First thank you for your help.

I figured out part of the problem. courierd wasn't starting. There was a single file the script wanted that I didn't have. I put it in place and courierd at least started.

Now I'm having a problem with "no such file or directory", and the logs report "abnormal program termination". The program restarts every minute, but I'm sure you guessed as much. I figured out via searching (one of your posts actually) that this indicates corruption. I uninstalled, removed the local state directory, then reinstalled. It works fine, right up to the point that I try to send the first message. Then it starts doing that again. I'm at a loss. Currently I'm trying building from source rather than using the package, but if you have more insight into why it might be doing that it would help. At least then I could submit a fixed package for other users.

Sounds like a bad package.

Unfortunately, the number of ways to screw up any software install is not bounded.

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