Lucio Crusca writes:

E.g. no files written into the Maildir, despite the "Message delivered"
log. I've also tried to access the Maildir with Thunderbird and
RoundCube and they both confirm there aren't any messages.

I have no clue about what I should check... please help.

From the logs, you've configured spamd to be responsible for delivering
mail, so you'll have to look in that direction.

You can start by completely removing spamd from your configuration, so that it's out of the picture, and with Courier delivering mail directly to the mailbox, confirming that mail delivery works. Once that's settled, you can then bring spamd back into the picture, and work on it.

When trying to do too many things at once, if something is broken somewhere it is often not clear where exactly the issue is. You have to take smaller steps, and get one thing working, at a time.

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