On 05/16/2017 02:27 PM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> This has been discussed already – that package replaces the maildrop
> component with the standalone version of maildrop. This doesn't work
> correctly, or rather it won't work without some additional
> configuration. 

I'd quickly like to elaborate on why the former Debian maintainer
decided to do that and hope for your understanding:

Before, there was a courier-maildrop as well as a (stand-alone) maildrop
package. Meaning those two are built from the very same source, but
built with different configuration options. From a maintenance and
security perspective, that's unfortunate and Debian strives to eliminate
duplicate source packages.

However, I certainly agree that the current situation is even worse.

> That, for all intents and purposes, is maildrop getting
> installed with some standalone mail server, and maildrop needs to be set
> up to use the same configuration as the mail server, in terms of where
> the mail accounts are, who owns them, and each one's userid and groupid.
> It's no longer just something that get me dropped in, and work
> automatically.

Couldn't most of this configuration be moved to runtime, rather than
compile time?

Kind Regards

Markus Wanner

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