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Idézem/Quoting Sam Varshavchik <>:

> Lucio Crusca writes:
>> but the maildrop manpage reports:
>> "-V is ignored when maildrop runs in delivery mode."
>> and maildropfilter manpage reports the same about the VERBOSE variable.
> Then run maildrop manually, yourself. Run maildrop with -V from the
> shell, pipe a test message on standard input, and see what it logs.
>> is there any other switch to make maildrop log informations while
>> in delivery mode?
>> Please advice, I'm at a loss.
> Bottom line is that Debian's Courier package is not correctly built.
> If you can't figure out a workaround, there's no other option
> besides building your own Courier package, from source.

Hello Sam!

Could you point out some difference that you feel incorrect?
It would help much for maintaining the Debian package.

This has been discussed already – that package replaces the maildrop component with the standalone version of maildrop. This doesn't work correctly, or rather it won't work without some additional configuration. That, for all intents and purposes, is maildrop getting installed with some standalone mail server, and maildrop needs to be set up to use the same configuration as the mail server, in terms of where the mail accounts are, who owns them, and each one's userid and groupid. It's no longer just something that get me dropped in, and work automatically.

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