On 14.05.2017 20:16, Lucio Crusca wrote:
> However if I try to use maildrop alone, with:
> DEFAULTDELIVERY="| /usr/bin/maildrop"
> it stops working again, so I think I have a problem with maildrop rather 
> than spamd.

Is this the Debian stretch installation mentioned?

You might have run into an issue caused by the recent removal of the
courier-maildrop package, see this issue:


It boils down to maildrop being compiled without HAVE_COURIER, where as
the courier MTA (unsurprisingly) expects that #define to be set.

I'm successfully running a courier installation on Debian stretch with
maildrop compiled manually, ATM.

Kind Regards

Markus Wanner

Disclaimer: I'm a Debian Developer and recently took over maintenance of
the Courier MTA suite. However, I'm not sure we can still solve this
maildrop issue in time for the stretch release. Sorry.

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