Markus Wanner writes:

I don't quite see how that matters. It's the same set of source files,
which would need the same set of security fixes, for example. What does
the duplication of efforts buy us?

I'd rather state that duplication of code is never a good idea, but a
sign for bad modularization.

Nothing is duplicated. It's one source repo. Packaging is a completely different matter.

By that reasoning, Debian would have to ship about a dozen variants of
maildrop packages. That's clearly not going to happen.

Only one maildrop package is needed. And one courier package, that's it.

While I generally agree that it's good practice to remove stuff that's
really not needed, the courier variant *is* needed (by some users,
including myself).

Certainly, and there's a single package that configures and installs everything: courier.

                   Splitting sources and duplicating efforts only

Nothing is split. It's the same software, just packaged differently.

I'll check if it's feasible to re-add the courier-maildrop package in
Debian stretch (i.e. the Courier specific variant), but I'd greatly
appreciate if you could reconsider this split.

Nothing is split. There are two separate packages, for two separate situations. One, a single courier package, that includes everything configured to work together. And the second package is the maildrop package, configured without any courier dependencies, to be plugged into other mail servers. That's it. It couldn't be any simpler.

Did you know that there's also a separate courier-imap package? It's just the IMAP server component, that can be set up independently, and glued together with other mail servers. There's also the sqwebmail package, a mail server-independent webmail server.

And, of course, the Courier package installs everything, configured to work with each other. Couldn't be any simpler.

And things have been this simpler for over 20 years now. That's how long things have worked this way, with no issues. People get the right package for them, compile it, and install it. That's it.

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