I'm happy to talk through specifics with you. Have been using Occupie for 
12 months now. First, customer service is outstanding - very responsive and 
helpful. The knowledge base (documented "how to's") is really top notch and 
they add content all the time.

Usage ease - this has been improved since our initial deployment and is now 
much more intuitive. Customization - love the capabilities. 

They continuously look to improve the product. I'm looking to create more 
customized reports and I still have a lot to learn myself on workflows, so 
I'm not a CRM expert. (thankfully, i don't need to be based on their 
Support team)

In short, excellent product and customer service. 

Wendy Spreenberg
LifeWorking Coworking

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 1:03:27 PM UTC-5, Jana Greer - Venture X 
> Hey! First time posting here. I'm looking for anyone who has used Occupie 
> by Essensys in their coworking space. Wanting feedback on the usage ease, 
> customer service, customization, etc. 
> Basically anything and everything. :-) 
> I know loaded question. 
> Thanks!

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