Thank you again for replying. We are a franchise and need to be able to 
have members be charged at other spaces and have that revenue go to that 

Cost is a consideration as this is something we have as an expense for 

On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 2:53:39 PM UTC-4, Ashley Buckner wrote:
> Yes, all 26 locations are owned by us, and our members do have the ability 
> to access any location. Once a reservation is made in the calendar 
> (regardless of location), the system recognizes the home center of the 
> account and adds any overage charge to the invoice at the home center. And 
> your team members can see all accounts or just accounts for their center - 
> it's just a matter of permission settings. 
> It makes things really easy for us, so it's totally worth it. 
> On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 1:56:56 PM UTC-4, Jana Greer - Venture X 
> wrote:
>> Ashely, 
>> Thank you very much for replying! 
>> So for your 26 locations, are they franchise or solely owned? 
>> Do your locations' members have access to the other locations as they 
>> travel? How does that translate within each space--looking the member up, 
>> charging day passes or other charges etc? 
>> The price at $500 per space seems quite a bit verses other platforms. Do 
>> you feel like that cost is fully worth it?
>> On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 1:31:10 PM UTC-4, Ashley Buckner wrote:
>>> Hi Jana-
>>> We use Occupie Operate (billing software), as well as Occupie Connect 
>>> (phone and internet). We also used the software when it was HubCreate, and 
>>> we have been so pleased with the changes that have been made since it has 
>>> become an Occupie product. As Wendy said, the customer service is really 
>>> what makes the difference for us. We have a lot of nuances and particular 
>>> requests, and the development and leadership team at essensys is always 
>>> willing to brainstorm with us and hear our ideas. 
>>> We actually converted all 26 of our locations to the Occupie Connect 
>>> platform as a result of the positive relationship we developed with the 
>>> team around the billing software. We are also looking at adding the CRM in 
>>> 2018, so that all of our systems can speak the same language. We currently 
>>> use Salesforce, so the Occupie CRM represents a pretty significant cost 
>>> savings to us. The nice part about the software platforms is that there is 
>>> not a big upcharge to add another product in the Occupie family once you 
>>> already have one. 
>>> I'm happy to talk further about our experience!
>>> Ashley Buckner
>>> Carr Workplaces
>>> On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 10:12:09 AM UTC-4, Jana Greer - Venture X 
>>> wrote:
>>>> Wendy, 
>>>> Thank you for replying! 
>>>> Have you only used Occupie or did you transfer from another software? 
>>>> As I understand it, Essensys just bought Hubcreate in 2016 that then 
>>>> became 
>>>> Occupie. 
>>>> So pretty young for the newly formed company. 
>>>>  The cost seems so high verses other options. We are currently using 
>>>> Nexudus and have been super pleased with the services and software since 
>>>> implementation over a year and half ago. 
>>>> The CRM is one thing that we were looking at--we recently started using 
>>>> Pipedrive and it can be integrated in with Nexudus (haven't done it yet). 
>>>> How do you find that the flow works for you and team? I'm primarily 
>>>> responsible for new members/leads etc. So this is important to me for 
>>>> comparison. 
>>>> Do you all use all of their features ie network management, phone, door 
>>>> systems, etc? 
>>>> On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 8:44:27 AM UTC-4, Wendy S. wrote:
>>>>> Jana,
>>>>> I'm happy to talk through specifics with you. Have been using Occupie 
>>>>> for 12 months now. First, customer service is outstanding - very 
>>>>> responsive 
>>>>> and helpful. The knowledge base (documented "how to's") is really top 
>>>>> notch 
>>>>> and they add content all the time.
>>>>> Usage ease - this has been improved since our initial deployment and 
>>>>> is now much more intuitive. Customization - love the capabilities. 
>>>>> They continuously look to improve the product. I'm looking to create 
>>>>> more customized reports and I still have a lot to learn myself on 
>>>>> workflows, so I'm not a CRM expert. (thankfully, i don't need to be based 
>>>>> on their Support team)
>>>>> In short, excellent product and customer service. 
>>>>> Cheers
>>>>> Wendy Spreenberg
>>>>> LifeWorking Coworking
>>>>> On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 1:03:27 PM UTC-5, Jana Greer - Venture 
>>>>> X wrote:
>>>>>> Hey! First time posting here. I'm looking for anyone who has used 
>>>>>> Occupie by Essensys in their coworking space. Wanting feedback on the 
>>>>>> usage 
>>>>>> ease, customer service, customization, etc. 
>>>>>> Basically anything and everything. :-) 
>>>>>> I know loaded question. 
>>>>>> Thanks!

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