Our tagline for this is (translated), "Where the space adjusts to fit your 
work and not the other way around"

It is snappier in Dutch, because "adjusts to fit" is one verb.

Aaanyway, for people who want a bespoke solution we have a "tell us what 
you need" button which brings them into the email so we can make them a 
bespoke offer. Often these are the folks who are perfectly happy working 
from home in general, it is also small and medium sized businesses with 
expansion plans into the Benelux.

As a subset of that last it is often international businesses with a 
distributed team.  Also, online retail.

But I think it depends very much on your location, the Netherlands is I 
gather choice in Europe as a point of entry for import/export and the 
associated logistics.  So online retail is already looking here.  You have 
to look at your location to work out who is looking there and if it is a 
good fit with your own community and offerings.  Your local chamber of 
commerce will probably have good data on that.  What you want to do for 
analysis is work out 1) who is already there, then 2)  what barriers to 
entry exist for their competition, and 3) look at whether you can sensibly 
sweep any one of those barriers away.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 2:19:15 PM UTC+1, Kevin Haggerty wrote:
> Since this original post, we've taken all of the feedback from all of you 
> to heart, and we've made significant changes.
> You'll be glad to know that we've narrowed our membership options down to 
> 3. It was hard, but I think it was needed and will be fruitful.
> I'm still curious about those of you who have been successful in selling 
> those "in-between"/hot desk memberships.
> What's been a strategy that has worked to promote that? Who have you 
> specifically targeted and how have you targeted them? Is there a specific 
> niche or industry you've noticed are most interested in this kind of 
> membership?
> Thanks!

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