Hi Chirag,

On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 10:58:15AM -0800, Chirag Shahani wrote:
> However, when I running the same user space program on a box which has SoC
> C2000 co-processor (QAT-1.5), I was expecting the code to* NOT *print
> printf("Note: This is not an accelerated cipher\n").
> *    if (!(siop.flags & SIOP_FLAG_KERNEL_DRIVER_ONLY)) {
> printf("Note: This is not an accelerated cipher\n");    }*
> Could anyone please let me know what I am missing and what is required to
> make sure the accelerated cipher is used iso of the linux kernel to do the
> encrypt/ decrypt functions.

Looks like you're missing a kernel driver for the crypto engine. Is any
of the qat_* modules loaded? Do you see any accelerated ciphers in
/proc/crypto? I didn't have a closer look, but it looks like upstream
doesn't support the C2xxx series at all.

Cheers, Phil

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