Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> Ah, I see what you mean.
> Sadly, I don't think there is much to be done about that, but I think
> that (personally) I'd only end up with two of the things. If they can
> be made credit card sized, I don't see this as worse than what I have
> to carry now.

there are a couple of issues. in some ways .... if institutional-centric
physical tokens were to be succesful ... you would start to see one in
lieu of ever pin, password, &/or shared secret ... for every possible
type of relationship requiring authentication.

there was an issue in the early e-commerce days

a lot of the funding for the early commerce server work was targeted at
a "mall" type environment/experience ... where a large outsourcer would
provide electronic "mall" space for retail stores. The apparent
assumption was that the physical distance metaphor addressed by shopping
malls, would be carried over into the internet. however, the basic
characteristic of the internet & the world-wide-web already was
obliterated physical distance concepts. the issue then was why would a
metaphor designed to address physical distance limitations, carry over
into an environment where physical distance was a meaningless concept.

the issue with many of the existing issued cards and tokens are that
they are institutional-centric, one per institution. this could approach
the DRM/copy-protect approach of the mid-80s ... where applications were
being shipped with unique floppy disks that were required to be mounted
anytime the application was executed. an operation with one or two such
applications wouldn't be so bad ... but can you imagine that being
succesful today? .... where you might have hundreds of such floppy disks
and requirement to have a dozen such floppy disks concurrently mounted
in a single floppy drive ... and possibly having to select and exchange
floopy disks (from a pile of hundreds) several times a minute.

i contend that the physical store checkout and payment model ... where
you are physically performing checkout and can likely do only one such
at a time .... has analogies to the shopping mall physical metaphor
model ... and it starts to hit limitations when you translate that into
internet electronic metaphor with the possibility of multiple things
going on concurrently

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