It is always possible that I misunderstand the McCabe
score which may come from the fact that so many build
environments compute it along with producing the binary,
i.e., independent of human eyeballs.  If complexity
scoring requires human eyeballs or the presence of the
designer's flow charts, then will we ever get meaningful
numbers (sans artificial intelilgence) for code we did
not write ourselves?  [...yes, this parallels the many
arguments about how can you trust crypto code you didn't
write, either...]

If McCabe scoring is your area, do you agree with the
rule that a McCabe score of <10 is essential -- an argument
that I am quoting from some NASA spec I read a while ago
and can dig up again if that turns out to be necessary.

Always ready for re-education, but wary of the best
being the enemy of the good,


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