Unfortunately no one can accept in good faith a single word coming out of
Redmond. Biddle has been denying Pd can be used for DRM in presentation
(xref Lucky Green subsequent patent claims to call the bluff), however in
recent (of this week) Focus interview Gates explicitly stated it does.  
This is merely a most recent lie in a long sequence of it. Operating from
behind an anonymous remailer doesn't quite have the same handicap as
having microsoft.com as part of your email address, but the heavy
spinmeistering does reveal the origin as reliably. You can use your real 
emal address next time.

Let's see, we have an ubiquitous built-in DRM infrastructure, developed
under great expense and deployed under costs in an industry turning over
every cent twice, and no-one is going to use it ("Palladium will limit
what programs people can run")?

Right. It's all completely voluntary. There will be no attempts whatsoever 
to lock-in, despite decades of attempts and considerable economic 
interests involved. 

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Hermes Remailer wrote:

> Hopefully this will shed light on the frequent claims that Palladium will
> limit what programs people can run, or "take over root" on your computer,
> and similar statements by people who ought to know better.  It is too
> much to expect these "experts" to publicly revise their opinions, but
> perhaps going forward they can begin gradually to bring their claims
> into line with reality.

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