Jeroen C. van Gelderen schrieb am Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 12:38:14AM -0500:
> Obviously a vendor can restrict what kind of software runs on the 
> hardware he sells, either by contract or trough technical means. In the 
> latter case the consumer is of course free to circumvent the barriers, 
> provided that he lives in a free country. If he doesn't like the 
> vendor's policy, he is of course free to vote with his wallet.

If all vendors have agreed to the same policy [TCPA] you may experiece
problems when trying to manufacture your own MB/cpu at home.

Voting does not make sense without alternatives.

So DRM with collusion of too many vendors will be a problem that even
market forces cannot solve easily if it is hard for newcomers to enter 
the market segment (who has the money to set up a chip plant?).


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