Hermes Remailer  wrote:
>Hopefully this will shed light on the frequent claims that Palladium will
>limit what programs people can run, [...]

That's a strawman argument.  The problem is not that Palladium will
*itself* directly limit what I can run; the problem is what Palladium
enables.  Why are you focusing on strawmen?  Why did you omit the real
concerns about technology like Palladium?

Palladium could enable big vendors to limit what applications I can run.
Palladium could enable big vendors to behave anti-competitively.
Palladium could enable big vendors to build document formats that
aren't interoperable with open-source software.  Palladium could be a
net negative for consumers.

Many of these risks are already possible today without Palladium, but
Palladium may increase the risks.  These risks are by no means guaranteed
to occur, but they are a real risk.  Shouldn't we think carefully about
this technology before we deploy it?  Shouldn't we at least consider
these risks?

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