On Thursday, Mar 13, 2003, at 21:45 US/Eastern, Jay Sulzberger wrote:
On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Hermes Remailer wrote:

The following comes from Microsoft's recent mailing of their awkwardly
named "Windows Trusted Platform Technologies Information Newsletter
March 2003". Since they've abandoned the Palladium name they are forced
to use this cumbersome title.

Hopefully this will shed light on the frequent claims that Palladium will
limit what programs people can run, or "take over root" on your computer,
and similar statements by people who ought to know better. It is too
much to expect these "experts" to publicly revise their opinions, but
perhaps going forward they can begin gradually to bring their claims
into line with reality.

The Xbox will not boot any free kernel without hardware modification.

The Xbox is an IBM style peecee with some feeble hardware and software DRM.

and sold by Microsoft below cost (aka subsidized). With the expectation that you will be buying Microsoft games to offset the initial loss. (You don't have a right to this subsidy, it is up to Microsoft to set the terms here.)

A Palladiated box is an IBM style peecee with serious hardware and software

and sold by numerous vendors. With no expectations like the ones above.

So, a fortiori, your claim is false.

So, a fortiori you are comparing apples with oranges. Or you may have left out the part of your argument that bridges this gap.

Obviously a vendor can restrict what kind of software runs on the hardware he sells, either by contract or trough technical means. In the latter case the consumer is of course free to circumvent the barriers, provided that he lives in a free country. If he doesn't like the vendor's policy, he is of course free to vote with his wallet.

Your conclusion may or may not be warranted but it can definitely not be drawn from this 3-sentence argument.


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