On Mon 12 Sep 2016 at 10:21:52 +0100, Aaron Sloman wrote:
> It turns out that if I manually kill firefox then later restart it, it does
> restore its state. So I've now altered my .xinitrc so that just before it
> exits it kills firefox ('killall firefox'). Presumably simply exiting X
> does something like 'kill -9' which doesn't give it a chance to save a
> record of open windows and tabs.

I have found a few times that if you close the Firefox window, it
forgets all the tabs in it (optionally it warns you for that with a
pop-up). But if I Quit firefox (via the menu or Control-Q) it remembers

I am guessing from this that exiting X will do the equivalent of closing
the Firefox window, instead of choosing its Quit function.

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