Olaf wrote:

> I have found a few times that if you close the Firefox window, it
> forgets all the tabs in it (optionally it warns you for that with a
> pop-up). But if I Quit firefox (via the menu or Control-Q) it remembers
> them.
> I am guessing from this that exiting X will do the equivalent of closing
> the Firefox window, instead of choosing its Quit function.

Yes that's the conclusion I had drawn, whereas an explicit 'kill' by user
chooses the Quit function and firefox remembers the open tabs and windows
(not kill -9).

I mentioned previously that I had recently switched back to starting X from
level 3, instead of going via level 5 (i.e. now avoiding using graphical
login and xdm/gdm or whatever).

I *think* my previously reported problems of keyboard input focus not
always following the mouse have disappeared as a result. I have only been
using the new startup procedure for a few days (on both laptop and desktop
machines), so I can't yet be sure. As everything seems to be working ok
without the previously mentioned xorg-x11-xinit-session package, I have
not tried using it.


Another (not window manager related) problem:
My laptop was upgraded from Fedora 22 to 24 yesterday. I then found ssh
login without password from other local machines no longer worked.
After about two hours of wasted effort I eventually discovered that the
defaults had changed.

In case anyone else has this problem I found the answer here:


    For this specific error, you need to add "PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes=+ssh-dss"
    (without the quotations) to the bottom of your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file.

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