At 09:40 AM 3/26/2003 -0500, Trei, Peter wrote:
> hi,
> it doesnt matter as long as Al-Jazeera is live and
> kicking and the camera's are rolling.
> The highly classified bomb creates a brief pulse of
> > microwaves powerful enough to fry computers, blind
> > radar, silence radios, trigger crippling power
> > outages and disable the electronic ignitions in
> > vehicles and aircraft.
> the existance of such a bomb was on indian news papers
> a week ago.
> Regards Sarath.
It was also in Newsweek. It's existence is well known. What
is not is it's construction, size, or effectiveness.

A good place to start is here
Carlo is one of the few truly knowledgeable people who's published much detail. Here's some other Carlo referenced material

A few years back he and I discussed an idea I had for an inexpensive terrorist version of an EMP device. Instead of using explosives, the pulse compressor-microwave generator are powered via lightening. A radio storm detector combined with a ground-cloud charge detector control the launch of a large model rockets, which trail a wire spool, into the cloud above. If a discharge is initiated its channeled into the EMP HW. A system holding several rockets could easily fit in a 3ft cubed box and placed on a tall building or other location near a target which is sufficiently frequented by lightening storms.

Carlo thought the idea technically practical but not too useful for terrorists who wish to control the timing of their events.


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