Here's a diagram and after-use photos of the carbon filament 
bomb, as used in the 1999 FYU live weapons test:

The e-bomb has been extensively covered since Australian Carlo 
Kopp published his description (invention?) of it:

Whether either of these work as bragged or are psyop mirages is 
worth betting an WMD Indian nickle on. Not many US weapons can
survive stripping away manufacturers' promo shielding, except by
additional $75 billion add-ons. Don't tell that to the Marines or
Al-Jezeera will not be able to e-bomb a Chuckie.

What are those mad Englishman contraptions that hurl cows and 
pianos across the bog? Load up the $10,000 a pop dead bodies 
with American Type Culture Collection-bred biologicals and 
slingshot them to, Umm, humanitarian debarkation, MRE.

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