Why not load a POW or dead body with biologicals and return 
them to the UN for handing over to the US for return to a heroe's 
welcome, or to a hospital in Germany, emitting toxics to every 
caretaker, then on to a recruitment parade down Broadway and
photo op at the Whitge House and the Pentagon to be bemedaled 
and hugged by Bush and Rummy and loving families and licking
babes and backpatted by yellow-ribboned adorants, each of which 
then becomes a distributor of a weapon of mass infection.

Manchurian Candidate, Typhoid Mary, Homeland Patriotism, 
sickening chickens sent home to roost and waft the good stuff, 
kiss me, I'm a Raqi vet.

Or will every shrivelled dick and wrong turn pussy become a pariah, 
feared by homeland fat fucks as if a contaminated Nam Vet, Gulf War 
Syndromed to why you complaining asshole homeland unwelcome, 
hey, you miserable unlucky shit, here's a global map of Leper colonies, 
soft-called in the old days VA die-die hotels, depositories of wasted, 
homicidal soldiers, out of sight out of Wall Street, out of media ads.

Outside of DC recently we saw a busload of angry, amputeed vets 
being bussed to a Civil War battlefield. Inside a patent-leathered 
naval officer was delivering a patriotic dog and pony about the 
glory of warfare, our valiant warriors overcoming the enemy. The 
officer and gentleman was being crooned over by whalebutts 
until the vets were wheelchaired in by their armless buddies, 
some sightless, some with faces you'd never kiss with pleasure. 

The spitshiner was left alone in splendid blues when the crowd 
turned attention to the savaged geeks. Mercilessly, the wretched 
vets made no response to the tut-tutters, scratched their nuts, 
spat on the carpet, blew farts, made attacking wheelies at the
little ones. Fuck you all, one barked, and out they went, back 
onto a blue VA bus, helping each other abandone the cornpone 
battlefield, back to the VA living dead cemetaries which never 
makes the ad-pumped evening news.

Fuck the military, fuck the asshole patriots, fuck the war-loving
media, fuck memorials to fallen warriors, the battlefields of
tourism grotesque.

Up the murderous anger against those who've never seen 
combat: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Rowe, Bush, Allen Keys, 
David and Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, Spencer Abraham, 
Elliot Abrams, Andrew Card, Paul Wolfowitz, John Ashcroft, 
Ted Olsen, Anthony Scalia, Ken Starr, Clarence Thomas, 
Lamar Alexander, Bob Barr, Gary Bauer, Jeb Bush, Tom 
Delay, Newt Gringrich, Rudy Guiliani, Phil Graham, Dennis 
Hastert, Jack Kemp, Joe Lieberman, Trent Lott, Dan Quail, 
Roger Ailes, Bob Bartley, Wolf Blitzer, Tom Clancy, Steve 
Forbes, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, George Will, Bill Bennett, 
Jerry Falwell, on and on, the pantheon of chickenhearted 
righteous motherfuckers, agents of evil empires.

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