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> I'm not aware of any "news aggregators" that aren't full of disinfo. It's
> the nature of the beast. If you're automatically picking up stories and
> spewing them back out, you're going to pick up a lot of shit along with
> it.
> This is one of the main reasons I don't really trust must of what I read,
> and nothing that I see on TV, when I bother to watch. I try to hit primary
> sources only, or at least, get closer to primary sources.
> There is no end to the nonsense out there. I thought it was bad 20 years
> ago. Frankly I couldn't have predicted how fucked this sort of thing was
> going to get.
> The recent bullshit of blaming Russia for everything under the sun would
> be particularly disturbing, if I didn't suspect both sides have a
> gentleman's agreement to play good cop/bad cop for one another to keep the
> masses in line.
> Ah well.. back to coding..

Ah well you miss the point entirely.

You DO understand what a "Front" is don't you? Why does a personal
injury law firm register a domain name linking to hot-button activist
issues, and 'protects' itself with known honeypot operation?

Ps. Leonard Peltier made a statement in support of the NODAPL folks
today and SPECIFICALLY WARNED about being spied on:

"I have to caution you young people to be careful, for you are up
against a very evil group of people whose only concern is to fill their
pockets with even more gold and wealth. They could not care less how
many of you they have to kill or bury in a prison cell. They don’t care
if you are a young child or an old grandmother, and you better believe
they are and have been recruiting our own people to be snitches and
traitors. They will look to the drunks, the addicts, and child
molesters, those who prey on our old and our children; they look for the
weak-minded individuals.

You must remember to be very cautious about falsely accusing people
based more on personal opinion than on evidence. Be smart."


That last... They check ur dataz, hook you up with a tidbit of dataz
they got from someone else' files, and before you know it you have
people accusing each other of doing things and saying things...

Get the picture? Cloudflare in collusion with it's fusion center BFFs
and infiltrators ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY fits this bill. This is exactly what
COINTELPRO did to AIM members that got Annie Mae Aquash killed, Peltier
framed, and AIM totally disrupted.

Or maybe you should just stick to coding.


>> So this morning I saw the rumor again FB gleaned by a 'friend' from a
>> radical-oriented news consolidator-regurgitator.
>> **National guard troops are wielding guns at the NoDAPL protest in North
>> Dakota and making arrests"**
>> So it got me thinking (I'm dangerous when I do that) Exactly who is
>> spewing this disinformation?
>> Hey looky here! It's Da Fedz!
>> This site, trofire. com is DNS'ed by Cloudflare.
>> The RADICALS, The people who owns the trofire. com domain that
>> consolidate and regurgitate all sorts of US and foreign activist news
>> is, allegedly, the "Levin Papantonio Thomas Mitchell Rafferty & Proctor"
>> Domaintools lookup: http://whois.domaintools.com/trofire.com
>> Rr

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