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> >> Your older or passed relatives have number tattoos on their
> >> bodies? Some of mine did.
> > 
> > Some of mine didn't, for those of you too young to have elders
> > that weren't tracked for life and to have heard them say it.
> > And none are born with them. That freedom is worth fighting for.
> > 
> Amen.


"Papers please!"

The driver license in Australia was updated just in the last few years,
to have ones date of birth, on the back, enlarged to take up half the
printing area on the rear of the card.

We Aussies kicked back against the "Australia Card" a decade or two ago,
and now they want to use the "state issued driver license" as a back
door to the national identity card.

This is not good.

We ought have the right to go about our business, participating in the
usual activities of society, and not have to produce "papers please"
unless there is some genuine cause.

Exercise of our rights, in relative safety and competence, ought never
be preconditioned on random production of "papers please" under
sufference of arrest, jail and or criminal or civil charges for merely
failing to produce "papers please".

And yes, this is just one particular fight, challenge, confront etc
(pick your favourite term, by all means).

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