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xorc...@sigaint.org wrote:

> I remember when this list had posts from Assange and others on actual
> cryptographic techniques and tools,

        So, how effective have your crypto techniques and tools been
        against the state? 

        And what is stoping you from discussing crypto? Rhetorical
        question of course. The answer is, you and others can discuss
        whatever you want and ignore whatever posters you want to
        ignore. It's not like the list has a 100kb quota per day that's
        all being used up by 'off topic' posts. 

> does ANYONE on cypherpunks need to be convinced of the abuses of
> power?

        Is that supposed to mean : only 'abuses' of power are a
        problem, not power per se? I've seen a fair amount of
        people in this list trying to 'argue' that government is
        great as long as 'we the right people' are in power. In turn I
        could ask, how can ANYONE on cypherpunks pretend that ANY 
        government can be a legitimate institution.

> where real information was
> shared. New information and ideas.

        "Don't get me wrong", I would love to have secure computing and
        telecom platforms, but it's painfully obvious that in the last
        20 years we've moved in the exact opposite direction. Now the
        hardware comes compromised. "out of the box". And that's not
        because of off-topic posts to the cpunks mailing list. 

> Now its just wankers speculating, and regurgitating links from open
> news sources.. and you act like you're leaking privileged information.
> lulz

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