> On Oct 14, 2016, at 9:13 PM, juan <juan....@gmail.com> wrote:
>       global warming is a hoax. Then again, try telling a
>       jew-kristian that kristianity is a hoax…

Man, I’m not going to debate climate change with you, its a fucking 
stupid waste of time. If you honestly don’t believe in science that’s 
a problem you need to solve on your own. You’ll get there, give it
some time.

>       So, why do you bother with it,

That’s the only good question you’ve asked. I don’t know the answer 
- I suspect I’ll be mulling that over for a (little) while. I have met a few 
interesting people on the list, some good book suggestions.. it hasn’t 
been all bad.

>       third-rate, nerdy, pseudo-technical talk. Pretty much useless.
>       Or more correctly, pretty useful as far as not dealing with
>       fundamental issues goes. A collection of useful 'idiots'. Not
>       idiots of course but fully corrupt clowns.

In other words - you don’t know the first thing about the technical aspects
of it, so its of no interest to you. 

>       Well, since any 'american' forum, including this one, is usually
>       100% 'american' propaganda, russian propaganda at least brings
>       some variety to the table.

It’s hardly a variety. The shit makes up 90% of the posts. It’s a big fucking
circle jerk between Zen, Alex and, to a lesser degree, yourself.


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