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John Newman <j...@synfin.org> wrote:

> > On Oct 16, 2016, at 3:13 PM, juan <juan....@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> 
> >> I've never seen you make any interesting technical points,
> > 
> >     So now you changed from "technical points" to "interesting
> >     technical points" 
> > 
> >     You don't need to further embarras yourself, but you are
> > likely to….
> Playing simple word games, Juan?  That seems about your speed.
> My point remains the same, and un-refuted. 

        You don't have a point. By the way, as far as I can tell your
        second post to this list is about....the global warming scam. Go
        figure. At least counting posts coming from synfin.org.

        Now, feel free to link all your 'technical', 'relevant' and
        'useful' posts to the list. Especially 'technical'. Not that you
        are under any obligation to post pseudo technical garbage, but
        since apparently you love it so much, one would expect you to
        post a lot of it? Seems not. Tsk tsk.

        Then again, I'm glad you don't practice what you preach =)

> > 
> >> 
> >> or anything else. When it comes to tor you're like a fucking broken
> >> IRC bot, spouting the SAME SHIT WE ALL KNOW, 
> > 
> >     Oh really.
> Yep.

        "We" all know. So who is "we"? Whose spokesperson are you? Or
        whose talking head?

        Ah yes, since you can't speak for yourself you now invoke some
        kind of imaginary gang. Or perhaps you are referring to the
        'community' of corrupt 'hackers' and the like, on the
        pentagon's payroll? Of course "you all" know that...

> > 
> > 
> >     Nobody seems to know what I'm saying. If they did, they
> > would act otherwise. Oh wait, they are complicit? 
> > 
> Everyone knows. 

        You can't answer the question...Or don't want to =)

> Everyone with half a fucking brain. If they don’t,
> it’s only because you’ve obscured the real issues with tor 

        Oh, now it's my fault. My powers are amazing eh. Just because
        of some messages I post in a couple of small lists, I've
        turned the whole world into complicit assholes. I must be jesus
        or something - that's why I have superpowers!

        And what are the 'real' issues according to you anyway? Not that
        tor is a scam funded by the pentagon eh? That's not a real
        issue I guess...? Or is that the issue I've 'obscured'? Or what.

        Yeah, not expecting you to say anything reasonable at this

> with your
> over the top TORBOT TORBOT TORBOT responses any time the
> word is mentioned.

        You are starting to sound like a torbot john. You were a tor
        accomplice too, no?


> > 
> >> I've seen your posts, they are not technical in nature. 
> > 
> >     Hey stupid piece of shit, this list is about crpyo ANARCHY.
> > 
> Right, but I’m talking about your hatred for the CRYPTO list, you ass.

        And I'm talking about a bunch of censors and establishment
        clowns pretending to be against it. I can also talk about your
        love for a bunch of censors. So?

> > 
> >> You
> >> don't have to be such a defensive ass about it, but hey, you think
> >> climate change is a hoax too, so I'd say you are basically a
> >> fucking lost cause at this point.
> > 
> > 
> >     I say you are an ignorant nerd who thinks that any sort of
> >     pseudo technical bullshit is Holy Science. You are just a
> >     recycled christian. 
> > 
> You like to use the word nerd to describe anyone interested in
> technical matters?  

        No, I'm using it that way with you. Looks like you can't even
        read? I bothered to qualify "nerd" for your especial kind =)

> > 
> >     Pro censorship peie of shit, parroting pro-censorship
> >     propaganda in 'cryto' 'anarchsit' circles. 
> > 
> >     You are a…hoax.
> I never said anything pro-censorship. 

        Except for supporting the censoring 'policies' of the
        'cryptography' mailing cesspool. Come on. You can't be that
        stupid...or dishonest. 

> THEIR SOFTWARE.  It’s not UP TO YOU, jackass.  I’ve never endorsed 
> moderation for this list.

        Not for this list. Did I say you endorse it for this list? No I
        didn't, lying retard. On the other hand, have you talked
        against people like quinn? Well you didn't do that either...

        At any rate, you endorse it for the 'cryptography' mailing list.
        So how retarded can you be to say something in one message and
        try to deny it in the next one? 


        Isn't software 'free'? Oh, 'free' software gives 'admins' the
        divine right to censorship. You make so much sense...

> And parroting the lines others have just thrown at you gets you no
> points (“You are a… hoax”)

        You are a hoax John. A pro-censorship hoax. Oh wait, I can't
        use that line? It's been copyright by the PDF Philosopher
        Mirimir? Sorry, please don't sue!

> > 
> > 
> >> 
> >>>   At any rate, your reaction to russian propaganda doesn't speak
> >>>   too well of you, just like it doesn't speak too well of Google
> >>>   Inc. representatives. 
> >>> 
> >> 
> >> And your reaction speaks volumes about you. First you replied by
> >> immediately throwing your comrades under the bus,
> > 
> >     Except they are not my comrades.
> > 
> The list archives would seem to say otherwise.

        No, only liars say otherwise. 

        Here's my take on russia...qouted by one "John Newman". And
        agreed with! =)


        By the way, first you accuse me of being part of a circle jerk
        that posts russian propaganda. But if deny it (and you know the 
        accusation is false), then I'm throwing my comrades under the
        bus. So whether I am pro-russia...or not...I'm guilty anyway =) 

        You should get a job as state prosecutor...

> > 
> >> now you seem to
> >> want back in the circle jerk?
> > 
> >     What about you don't having a clue, and either not
> >     understanding my position or just lying about it.
> > 
> >     Bottom line you are way more pro amerikka thatn I'm pro
> > russia. Hardly surprising sice you are an americunt.
> > 
> You argue like a child. I’m “more pro-america” than you are
> “pro-russia”… which is utter fucking bullshit, and I think you know
> it.  Show one time I’ve ever endorsed america.

        You seem to be trying the "everybody is as bad as the U.S."

        If that's not the case, you could have dealt with the stuff Zen
        posts in a rational way. You didn't. Your mistake.

> > 
> > 
> >> 
> >> This entire thread is such a fucking waste of time.
> > 
> > 
> >     So go fuck yourself. I'm sure you can write a three line
> > bash script to hack the NSA. Go for it.
> > 
> > 
> Same to you Juan :)

        I'm not delusional and think the NSA can be 'hacked' =)


> Is there ANYONE on this list that you haven’t gotten into a massive
> flame war with?  Anyone besides your Russian Alex-Jones-loving
> “global warming is a hoax" comrades, I mean….  You have to ask
> yourself, when its you against EVERYONE, is the problem really with
> EVERYONE else, or is the problem, perhaps, with YOU ?

        Oh yes. I'm not "well adapted" to your circle jerk of fake
        'hackers' on the pentagon's payroll and Leading Establishment
        Americunts like those of the crypto ML.

        You want people to parrot only what the gang leaders allow to
        be parroted eh John? That's the reason why you 'love' the fully
        censored 'cryptography' mailing list =)

> I’m done talking to you.  Respond if you want, but I’m not wasting
> any more time on your fucking nonsense.

        At least it makes more sense than your own nonsense =)

        Like I said, now show what amazing hacker you are and how you
        are going to hack the pentagon...Focus on the 'technical'

> John

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