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> On Fri, 14 Oct 2016 23:13:50 -0400
> John Newman <j...@synfin.org> wrote:
>> Its technical discussion that doesn’t interest you, so you call it
>> "useless talk".
>    It is useless talk because it doesn't lead to any improvement,
>    security-wise, let alone increased freedom.

You really think there has been nothing learned or advanced on the crypto list? 
 You must follow it REAL fucking close for something you despise so much.

>> I think we are agreed on this - you are bored by
>> purely technical discussions.  
>    I don't think I ever said that or agreed to it. I'm not
>    interested in *irrelevant* technical discussions. But,
>    for instance, I've discussed a few times why a cyberweaponlike
>    tor (widely supported in fake, american, privacy circles ) is
>    TECHNICALLY flawed - at least if we were to believe the lies
>    about its intended purpose. It's not flawed from the point of
>    view of its creators.

I've never seen you make any interesting technical points, about tor or 
anything else. When it comes to tor you're like a fucking broken IRC bot, 
spouting the SAME SHIT WE ALL KNOW, over and over and over. Everyone knows 
where it is funded, how it was started, and that it is insecure against a GPA.

Tell me something I don't know, that you haven't repeated ad infinitum, like a 
fucking over excited child.

>> This doesn’t make the crypto list
>> inherently flawed. It’s just not for YOU, which is appropriate, since
>> you likely can’t follow the discussions anyway.
>    Yes you're right. I can't 'follow' that kind
>    of thing just like I can't watch hollywood movies. Or like I
>    can't stand establishment retards. 

No, I think it's because you have nothing interesting to say on the list. I've 
seen your posts, they are not technical in nature. You don't have to be such a 
defensive ass about it, but hey, you think climate change is a hoax too, so I'd 
say you are basically a fucking lost cause at this point.

>    Were you able to 'follow' my 'technical' remark about hardware?
>    I mentioned that all your 'free' 'open' software runs on
>    hardware owned by the US silicon-valley-military. Are the
>    'technical' implications of that fact too hard for you to
>    'follow'?
>    What are the PDF masters at the crypto mailing list planing to
>    do about that little problem? Or perhaps it's not even a bug
>    but a feature? Because, you know, there are lots of
>    america-hating terrists out there. Ask bruce schneier.
>    Oh, and there's another technical issue you perhaps have some
>    trouble 'following'. It is the technical issue of CENSORSHIP in
>    the FUCKING CRYPTOGRAPHY MLIST. I'm using ALL CAPS because you
>    seem to have missed that TECHNICAL matter a couple of times. I'm
>    guessing the font was TOO SMALL.

With people like yourself, it isn't hard to imagine why the list is moderated. 
There are different lists for different purposes. You don't get to dictate how 
the individual admins configure their software. That would hardly be in line 
with your ideals, would it? All mailman configuration pushed down on high from 
the central committee ?  Give me a fucking break man.

>> My apologies on this one. I have seen Zen and Alex give you props
>> only about a fucking million times,
>    Because I tell apologists of the american establishment/empire
>    to go fuck themselves, perhaps? 
>> but apparently its not a two way
>> street. You don’t actively support the fucking torrent of Russian
>> bullshit, but you mostly don’t say shit about it either.
>    I already said what I think about russia. I'll add that
>    regarding the current warmongering provocations against russia,
>    made by american psychos, I'd 'side' with russia...and
>    trump.  Assuming putin and trump actually are slightly less
>    warmongering than the sick cunt hitlery and the 'progressive'
>    fascists from the 'democratic' party. 

You're a gullible clown if you actually believe that.

>    Or perhaps it's a show fully agreed upon by both sides. 

Warmer, I suspect....

>    At any rate, your reaction to russian propaganda doesn't speak
>    too well of you, just like it doesn't speak too well of Google
>    Inc. representatives. 

And your reaction speaks volumes about you. First you replied by immediately 
throwing your comrades under the bus, now you seem to want back in the circle 

This entire thread is such a fucking waste of time. As have been most 
"discussions" between you and someone else that I've bothered to follow. 

>> So consider
>> yourself out of the circle jerk if that makes you feel better. 
>> And, no, don’t bother to quote yourself…. your inane, vicious, vulgar 
>> bullshit is generally not worth repeating.
>    True, true. And give my regards to all those well-bred,
>    virtuous heroes at the cryptography mailing list. They are
>    really saving the world from evil anti-american forces. Russian
>    mostly.
>> John

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