On Oct 18, 2016 10:30 PM, "juan" <juan....@gmail.com> wrote:
>         For completeness' sake. You are even more 'hard headed' than I
am, and your positions are standard establishment positions that you can't
even start to defend.

Yes, I am muuuuch more hard headed than you.  I never said I was not,
hihi...  ;)

>         So what's the point of calling me hard headed?

Oh, it annoys you, so it's very fun for me!  :)

>         As to being aggressive, ask your google friends and the pentagon
what that means.

I don't have Pentagon friends, but it would be fun.  It would be a very
bizarre situation, more or less like to be completely in love with the
dumbest man in the whole world.  You really appreciate this guy a lot, love
him very much, but don't have courage enough to present him to your family
and friends, because feel ashamed of his stupidity, hihi...  ;)

I probably would present my Pentagon friends as strippers, go-go boys and
prostitutes, because they would be more well accepted among my friends,
hahaha!!!  ;D

>         Why on earth would I change my ideas to Standard Garbage? You
would be burning witches in the dark ages, you are 'curing' 'autistic'
children now. Why should I subscribe to your ignorant savagery, nowadays
rebranded as Holy Science?

Sweetie, I would be burned instead burning.  :)

Well, my 'ignorant savagery' and I will try to rest a bit, my dear.  Good
night kisses, take care!  :*

-  c.

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