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> Do you actually know anything about the autistic spectrum?  I ask because
my former girlfriends job was working with disabled children. She regularly
worked with girls in their teens who couldn't even speak, not a single
word. They were SEVERELY cognitively impaired. Their diagnosis was autism,
nothing more.


I won't have patience now for searching the correct thread on the cpunks
list, but Juan had a long and very, very exhaustive discussion about
autistic children with Xorcist few weeks ago.

Xorcist has an autistic niece, who loves a lot and considers like a
daughter, and makes voluntary work with disabled children too.  He told
some stories about his convivence with her, his attempts of stimulate her
senses, her intelligence, and about her difficulties to understand the
world and the people.  It was beautiful because he was talking about love.
True love.

I usually try to use music as stimulus for all ages, in all situations.
Music is life, and all the words have sounds, and these sounds are music

I think Xorcist would like to exchange some ideas with your girlfriend
about what he can do for his loved niece and all the other kids that he is
helping.  He has a tender heart and is a very old cpunk.

I will tell you a secret: - when Juan is not being annoying and aggressive,
he is a very dear person, but extremely hard headed.  He has a head so, so
hard that I can break coconuts using it and he won't change his ideas.  :P

He certainly would help me to make voluntary work with disabled children
just to prove me how much I am very, very wrong, hihi!  In some moments, I
want to kick his balls, but I like him!  :)

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