On 02/04/2018 05:38 PM, Robert Bieber wrote:
> Oh yeah, I'm just talking about the price of the CPU, not the whole PC.
> I'm planning on doing all out on RAM and solid state drives as well. I
> guess GPU might be of some concern as well, how has GPU processing in
> dark table on Linux been going lately? I know it exists, but I'm always
> scared of anything to do with graphics drivers on Linux

GPU might just be the upgrade with the biggest impact for RAW
processing. To have that impact it will need not only the drivers to
work, but also the corresponding OpenCL part...

This topic comes up from time to time here, so, as already mentioned, it
may make sense to search the archives.

With Nvidia things may seem more stable, but it's not that one just
installs proprietary drivers + OpenCL from the distribution's
repositories and it "just works". You need proprietary Nvidia drivers
for OpenCL to work.

With AMD it is already possible to have a completely open source setup.
amdgpu is in the kernel, and the OpenCL part can come from the open
source ROCm. It will limit you to certain AMD GPUs and Linux kernel/X
versions. To have a wider range, the open source kernel amdgpu can be
combined with the OpenCL part from AMD's proprietary amdgpu-pro — that
works well too.

I have some random tests listed here:

Šarūnas Burdulis

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