Thanks, I did see that, but the matching images part was the catch.  I do have 
presets for portrait and landscape set up.  I use is some more.
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Just get the Watermark module set up the way you want it, then select "Store 
new preset..." from the module's drop-down menu (the little "burger" icon in 
the upper left). Give it a name, Any name at all, such as, “My corner logo,” 
and check the box for "auto apply this preset to matching images". The default 
criteria will match everything; you can refine the selection if you want.Save 
the preset, and if you don't actually want it to be activated by default, you 
can de-activate the module, then select "update preset " from the same menu as 
before. Now the settings will be applied to the module every time an image is 
loaded, but the module won't be activated.
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On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 14:56, Dr. A. Krebs <> wrote:

> I want to make a particular file the default watermark.  Looked in the 
> manual and in the global settings and cannot find the setting.  Is it 
> possible?

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