Cyril Brulebois <k...@debian.org> (2022-12-03):
> I'm happy to have those moved under installer-team/ whenever is most
> convenient for you and your potential sponsor.

I've done that a few days ago.

> I can't promise to do the reviewing/uploading right away (I'd like to
> tie up some loose ends first), but hopefully I can try and have a look
> once I'm done with updating crowdsec and its huge bunch of new
> dependencies. :)
> Feel free to hit me up next week-end if you haven't seen anything
> move.

I've glanced at depthcharge-tools-installer and while I'm no debconf
expert and I can't assess the postinst with high certainty, the overall
impression was good enough for me to sign and upload; I did change the
Maintainer to debian-boot@ (same as other packages under installer-team/)
and moved you to Uploaders, so you might want to subscribe via tracker
once the package is accepted if you don't follow debian-boot@.

It might make sense to have some kind of review of the translatable
material before hooking it up with the l10n sync machinery, so that
translators don't have to submit an initial translation that might get
outdated if some strings get marked fuzzy shortly afterwards. I think
debian-l10n-english@ might have been put in the loop in the past, but it's
been a while since I was involved with l10n efforts.

Regarding adding that package to the l10n sync mechanism, I suppose it
could be done as soon as such a review has happened, we only need to make
sure we don't add the package to the list of packages that count for the
l10n stats (and the resulting translation-status file that helps d-i
display a warning if a translation isn't complete enough). But I'll defer
to Holger Wansing entirely, who knows about that much more than I do.

A couple of nitpicks/questions anyway:

 - depthcharge_tools_set_board():

   The generated comment mentions preseed while I don't think preseed is
   involved at all, and I suppose the comment should just mention
   debian-installer instead?

 - initramfs_tools_conf():

   Having MODULES overriden in a separate config file might be surprising
   to admins. Did you consider adjusting this variable directly in the
   main initramfs-tools config file instead?

 - isinstallable:

   It mentions “these values” but only checks for one. Should there other
   patterns in that grep?

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