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Cyril Brulebois <k...@debian.org> (2022-12-12):
> I've glanced at depthcharge-tools-installer and while I'm no debconf
> expert and I can't assess the postinst with high certainty, the overall
> impression was good enough for me to sign and upload; I did change the
> Maintainer to debian-boot@ (same as other packages under installer-team/)
> and moved you to Uploaders, so you might want to subscribe via tracker
> once the package is accepted if you don't follow debian-boot@.

Same story with partman-cros under the “I'm no partman expert” proviso.

It's a little sad to see that huge disk_from_partdev() function that's
similar to other functions in other packages, and I think we could just
look at the right place in sysfs or some such to access that information,
but let's get the ball rolling first; hopefully we'll end up cleaning up
such things at some point.

Tagged and uploaded.

> It might make sense to have some kind of review of the translatable
> material before hooking it up with the l10n sync machinery, so that
> translators don't have to submit an initial translation that might get
> outdated if some strings get marked fuzzy shortly afterwards. I think
> debian-l10n-english@ might have been put in the loop in the past, but it's
> been a while since I was involved with l10n efforts.
> Regarding adding that package to the l10n sync mechanism, I suppose it
> could be done as soon as such a review has happened, we only need to make
> sure we don't add the package to the list of packages that count for the
> l10n stats (and the resulting translation-status file that helps d-i
> display a warning if a translation isn't complete enough). But I'll defer
> to Holger Wansing entirely, who knows about that much more than I do.


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