Package: emacsen-common
Version: 3.0.4~bpo9+1
Severity: normal

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After Debian 9.7 was released I started to dist-upgrade our machines, but it started to remove all emacs packages. I traced this behaviour back to the emacsen-common package in stretch-backports.

All emacs packages depend on emacsen-common one way or the other, but the package in stretch-backports is conflicting with most of them: emacs19, emacs20, emacs21-common, emacs22-common, emacs23-common, emacs24-common, emacs25-common, xemacs21-support.

Since there are no other emacs packages in stretch-backports, besides emacsen-common, I pinned the emacsen-common to version 2.0.8 as a work-around.

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Kernel: Linux 4.20.2-pd-4.20.y

Debian Release: 9.7
800 stretch-backports
800 stable-updates
800 stable
500 stretch-pgdg
500 stretch

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