On Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 10:06:57AM -0500, Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Oct 2016, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > Please describe the relevant differences between browserified
> > javascript and perl that make the TC believe that the former has a
> > DFSG issue but the latter probably has not, in a way that I can deduct
> > what the TC would believe regarding the similiar problem related to
> > SQLite.
> I don't believe there is anyone on the TC who is arguing that perl
> doesn't (or at least didn't) have a DFSG issue.[1]
> We merely believe the TC does not have the power to make a decision for
> the ftpmasters without being delegated that decision. We can help try to
> clarify the issue for the ftpmasters and the project, but the bully
> pulpit (up to and including ยง6.1.5) is the only special power we think
> we have in this area.

What I am dismayed about is how the TC seems to try to find excuses to 
avoid making any decision or being in any other way helpful.

Just yesterday the chairman (!) of the TC was stating "but it's not at 
all clear that the constitution enables the TC to override Delegates or 
decisions made by delegates":

For comparison, here is a vote by the very same person last year where 
he does override a decision made by a delegate, with the TC even making
a decision on a question it wasn't asked:

You did also vote the same:

Looking at [1], the TC made two decisions in 2015.
Each of them took over a year.

No decisions in 2016 so far.

The TC is clearly not too busy, just too lazy.

I do agree with Ian that even though I doubt that Pirate Praveen will
get the decision he hopes for, he is entitled to a proper resolution
of the issue.

Why are TC members complaining that they do not even properly understand 
what "browserified" means, instead of using the power to give advice to 
structure the discussion?

I do not see anything controversial about the TC generating an overview 
of the relevant issues related to javascript as well as similar 
non-javascript cases.

You have 8 of the most experienced Debian developers in the TC, no other 
TC work at hand, and any one of you should be able to help resolving 
this conflict by doing this.

How a final decision would look like, and who would make that, would be 
the next step. In any case you have to first understand the problem 
properly. And I would not even exclude the possibility that there might 
be solutions that were not visible before understanding the problem.


[1] https://www.debian.org/devel/tech-ctte


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