Adrian Bunk <> writes:

> Why are TC members complaining that they do not even properly understand 
> what "browserified" means, instead of using the power to give advice to 
> structure the discussion?

Probably because without a response to #830986, "browserified" either
means including Jison output into things, or it cannot possibly cover
what's being done to libjs-handlebars, either of which makes the recent
bugs against tech-ctte and ftp-master just a little astonishing.

Praveen, please respond to #830986

Without such a response, I wasn't even sure if the re-opening of the bug
was instead an attempt to get some sort of permission to let the likes
of gitlab into main, by temporarily ignoring the non-free
dependencies. (I'm not suggesting that as a way forward BTW, but it
seemed at least as plausible as what was actually being asked)

Cheers, Phil.
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