On Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 08:21:40PM +0200, Philip Hands wrote:
> Adrian Bunk <b...@stusta.de> writes:
> > Why are TC members complaining that they do not even properly understand 
> > what "browserified" means, instead of using the power to give advice to 
> > structure the discussion?
> Probably because without a response to #830986, "browserified" either
> means including Jison output into things, or it cannot possibly cover
> what's being done to libjs-handlebars, either of which makes the recent
> bugs against tech-ctte and ftp-master just a little astonishing.
> Praveen, please respond to #830986

Yesterday Sam stated that the TC would first require a ruling from the
FTP team for being able to overrule it. The result is #839801.

This is exactly why I am saying the TC should structure the discussion.

> Without such a response, I wasn't even sure if the re-opening of the bug
> was instead an attempt to get some sort of permission to let the likes
> of gitlab into main, by temporarily ignoring the non-free
> dependencies. (I'm not suggesting that as a way forward BTW, but it
> seemed at least as plausible as what was actually being asked)

I would assume good faith.

My impression is that there are several problems mixed with only the 
most obvious one inititially discussed, and that the best way forward 
would be if a TC member would look at the packages in question as well 
as what terminology is used in the JS world.

You really need someone who will also look for issues like #830986 
to actually get first-hand knowledge.

It would also be good if that person could get an understanding which 
of these problems would be fixed when Grunt is packaged.

And then also looks at cases like Perl or SQLite.

Any TC member should be able to do that in 1-2 days, and then
there would be a proper description of the problem that could
serve as basis for an actual discussion of the problem.

> Cheers, Phil.



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