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> I would model access to conflict resolution on the US courts. There
> should be two levels of jurisprudence: One is quick and easily like
> small claims, the other is for appeals. Both can issue rulings that
> bind everyone, including delegates and the DPL.
> Private side conversations should remain off-limits. They create an
> incurable attack surface that lowers credibility. Decision makers who
> expressed an opinion outside the official process must recuse
> themselves. To seek their opinion, please file a case.

Well, the TC is the closest thing we have to a court of last resort
indeed, but I think its members hope that it could be other things as
well -- most disputes in Debian do not require a court of last
resort-style response.

Do you think it shouldn't have those other roles, maybe?  That would
correspond to the last of our proposals, I think.

> As Sean wrote, many problems at Debian are social in nature, I would

The text it from the whole committee, I was just the messenger :)  (and
marga did most of the work)

> make the Community Team the first legal instance before a party can
> appeal to the Technical Committee. Cases at Community Team level
> should be heard before a single member unless someone requests a
> hearing en banc. That effectively makes the Technical Committee
> Debian's Supreme Court (which hears all cases). In some way, this
> resembles Sean's Proposal 2.
> Like any court, the Community Team and Technical Committee should be
> able provide independent solutions of their own design. Ideally, the
> judges at the lower level, i.e. the Community Team, would be elected.

I think we think of the community team as mostly about the CoC -- not
just strict violations but conformance with its spirit -- whereas the TC
is about disagreements which do not involve (or do not primarily
involve) CoC issues.  In which case, the relationship between the two
would not really fit the model you suggest.

Sean Whitton

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