Felix Lechner dijo [Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 03:26:00AM -0700]:
> > Do you think it shouldn't have those other roles, maybe?  That would
> > correspond to the last of our proposals, I think.
> As a computer project, Debian's highest decision making body should
> probably be a Technical Committee. Current committee members who like
> to adjudicate more along human lines, under my proposal, may wish to
> join the Community Team.

However, most issues that come to the TC have a _strong_ human/social
component. We cannot dissociate technical decisions with the emotional
meaning they carry to project members.

If technical excellence was the sole, or even main, requisite to
become part of the Technical Committee, I would not have
joined. Purely technical decisions are far from the norm; Debian as a
project has quite good inner coherence (which means, project members
have a quite compatible view of where they want to drive the project
to), and when the TC is asked to participate, the divergence is
usually very minor; we do deal with technical issues, but more than
that, we deal with what does each decision ultimately mean.

I don't think we can keep TC work 100% technical, or separate the
inter-human part from the TC's work.

> Debian needs more empathy. People are not logical like machines. They
> are burdened by ideas and have fears and hopes. Plus, some do not
> lightheartedly express how they feel. Solving conflicts in a unified
> system brings all that out in one place, and makes peace.

On my first reading and when I started replying, I had got your
message basically upside down. So, basically - Yes, I (now) completely
agree with you :-]

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