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> However kubernetes is also a library, and the maintainer doesn't provide
> it. It becomes headache for other maintainers.

Yes we have to vendor "k8s.io/" all the time in multiple packages but I doubt 
it would be of help if Kubernetes provide a "-dev" library because
it is notoriously unstable with frequent breaking changes.

Ideally that's how it should be done but, pragmatically speaking, Kubernetes 
can never migrate to "testing" hence everything that depends on it will be 
unsuitable for release.

> The way the kubernetes maintainer chooses, is making others difficult.
> Every package that uses kubernetes as a library, has to keep a local copy
> of the source.

The partial solution might be to introduce another source package only with 
portion of Kubernetes that provides a shared library but that will require 
proper dependency management which is being discussed here.

> But I hope Janos can cooperate with the Go packaging team to make Debian,
> especially the Go packages in Debian more maintainable.

Yes indeed. We should not need to argue that cooperation is important.
Cooperation should always be a default mode of operation.

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