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On Wed 18 Nov 2020 at 11:36AM -06, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> So... It's not like we reached a conclusion, but I do feel the meeting
> was interesting and the discussion very much worthy. Yes, this will
> surely end up in reinforcing the notion that the Technical Committee
> is a slow and bureaucratic beast :-) But... well, I'll stop
> apologizing. Only some minutes to go before the meeting, and I want to
> give the rest of the Committee the opportunity to check if I didn't
> misrepresent them or skip too much of their opinion.

Thank you for this summary.

At today's meeting one point which we thought was missing from this
summary was that no-one on the committee has any appetite for overruling
the package maintainer, so it is very unlikely that will be the outcome
of this bug.

Sean Whitton

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